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Wisdomist was founded from the idea that knowledge is easy to get - it's just a google search away - but some things in business and life require more than just knowledge, they require experience.

Experience can be gained the hard way: by experiencing things ourselves and learning from the inevitable mistakes that accompany it, or, by learning from those who have that experience already.

Wisdomist connects those who have experience with those who have knowledge but need to learn from experience. Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom.

Together, we can become wisdomists.

To succeed in the future, we have to know our past

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Charlotte & Caleb Whitmore

co-founder + CEO

Charlotte whitmore

co-founder + CPO

caleb whitmore

Our Story starts here. Life and business needs wisdom. We know this because we have been there. We’ve always been entrepreneurs. It’s in our blood. We both started small businesses in our youth – a catering company for Charlotte and a fishing fly tying and then web design business for Caleb.  As adults, newly married, and new parents, and entering the depths of the great recession, we thought it would be a brilliant idea to quite stable jobs and start a business. We call it entrepreneurial delusion, and we did it.

We worked hard, really hard, and as success grew with triple digit growth year after year, we found ourselves guessing and googling things that we should have had experience in. We were incredibly fortunate to get connected with some older, wiser and more experienced people who came alongside us and help guide us through the most challenging phase of our business as our team grew past 50 and towards 100 people and the company was subsequently acquired in an 8-figure deal.

If it had not been for these key people, we do not know how our lives, our marriage, our future would have played out. We owe part of our success to the people who stepped in and guided us through some of the toughest decisions we have ever made. And that is why we created Wisdomist, because we know, first-hand, the monumental impact the wisdom of others had on our lives.

We believe wisdom should be accessible to all, and with Wisdomist, we’re making that a reality through connecting those who have wisdom with those who need it in a simple, on-demand fashion. With Wisdomist no longer need to go through the slow, cumbersome and expensive processes to engage an expensive consultant, career or life coach. Join the community, state your question, pick a time and you’ll be matched with an advisor who is available in as little as a few hours.
Wisdom changes everything.



We are committed to the highest standards of privacy for both our clients, and our advisors.


Wisdomist is a community of entrepreneurs struggling with quite possibly the same problems you have.

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We are dreamers, but we are also doers. We know that hard work and dedication are what brings us to the next level.


We respect people—their time, their experience, their words, their problems, and their dreams.


You have to be curious in order to desire wisdom. Curiosity drives us to seek learning from the generation which came before us.


Clarity eliminates friction. Removing the barriers for people to connect is critical to building our better future.

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