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Digital & Data
3 Services
Digital Analytics & Optimization Google Analytics, Digital Analytics Strategy, Conversion Rate Optimization and the like.
SEO Strategy Get your Search Engine Optimization strategy defined or refined.
Data Visualization Struggling to get access to actually useful data or move beyond basic reporting to actionable insights? Engage an advisor to review your data visualization efforts.
Business Wisdom
14 Services
Board Management Get perspective on how to compose or improve your business' board of directors or advisory board.
Business Strategy Receive guidance on general business strategy topics not specifically covered in other services areas on Wisdomist
Company Culture Gain insight on on building or maintaining a strong company culture and people-first environment.
Environmental Policy Advice related to advocacy around or working within the constraints of environmental policies
HR & People Get input and advice on Human Resources and People topics.
International Business & Development Get advice and perspective on matters of doing business internationally, international aide and economic development.
Marketing, Advertising & Brand Strategy A strong brand, sound marketing strategy and right advertising execution can make or break your business.
Mergers & Acquisitions Get advice on Merger & Acquisition topics
Non-Profit Growth & Management Learn perspective about managing and growing a non-profit
Public Policy & Legislation Seek wisdom about working with public policy makers and legislative processes as well as working in or with the Government
Public Relations & Communications Wisdom around PR and Communications, including crisis management, long-term strategy and press relations.
Growth, Social, Content & Search Marketing Get the inside scoop on how to optimize strategies for growth marketing, social media, content marketing, or search engines (SEO).
Social Responsibility Get wisdom on how to best grow your business in social responsibility and supporting social needs and movements
Venture Capital & Fundraising Raising funding? Learn from the wisdom of someone who's done it - raised or funded, or both.
Career & Professional Wisdom
11 Services
Assertiveness & Negotiation Harness your power of influence to lead and guide important decisions inside and outside of the workplace
Career Change & Promotion Get personalized input on a major career change.
Conflict Management Receive guidance on how to effectively deal with conflict
Crisis Management Wisdom on how to handle disruptive and unexpected events in politics, the media, leadership, or personal life
Decision Making & Problem Solving Identify effective options and solutions to current challenges
Delegation & Management Learn to master the art of delegation and management by learning from experience professionals.
Digital Reputation Actively manage how you are perceived by others online, offline through proven methods and strategy
Image & Personal Branding Create and influence public perception to increase impact and authority by developing and understanding your personal brand
Leadership & Management Identify your leadership style and increase your ability to lead and manage individuals, teams, and entire companies for success
Networking & Relationships Learn how to leverage interpersonal skills that will benefit your personal and professional life
Public Speaking Gain insight on powerful public speaking techniques, methods, and pricing structure
Life Skills Wisdom
3 Services
Buying or Selling a House Thinking or buying or selling a house? Get input from people who have done it before and are industry insiders.
Homeschooling Get input on how to do Homeschooling well, especially given the changes from covid-19!
International Living & Travel Get advice about living and traveling internationally.

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