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By becoming a Wisdomist Advisor you will have the opportunity to share your unique skills, knowledge, and wisdom with the next generation. The thrill of finding solutions to challenging problems will come alive again. The way you are wired hasn’t changed, and we get that. You are made to push the envelope and pave the way for change. The world needs to hear from trailblazers like you.

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Putting yourself out there can feel very vulnerable, and we get that. That is why we are here to help. One way to ease this uncomfortable feeling is to let your experience speak for you. That is why we help you chose the right key words, identify your areas of expertise, and catalog your successes. Sometimes it can be hard to see your own accomplishments, that is why we are here to not only be your guide, but also your cheerleader. 

Wisdomist Essentials

Advisor Membership at our Essentials level includes the following services, priced at $495 for lifetime membership.  Once on the platform, a percentage fee per booking will be charged for the platform and billing services provided.  Fees vary depending on topic area.


Connect one-on-one with your Wisdomist Guide for customized brand development. They will collect your information, edit photos, conduct any research needed, organize your accomplishments, write your bio and create and host your customized Wisdomist Webpage. They handle all the technical work, pre-vet your clients, schedule calls, and handle the billing, so you can concentrate on the reward of advising. 

Wisdomist Premium

Advisor Membership at our Premium level includes significant additional services to help build your professional profile in Wisdomist as well as across the Internet and your professional world.  Premium membership is $295 per quarter in addition to the one-time Wisdomist Essentials lifetime membership fee.


Your personal Wisdomist Guide works with you one-on-one to cusomize your brand develpment, create your personal webpage with corresponding press kit and a series of bios showcasing your experience and expertise. Be ready to respond to speaking engagement inquiries, press outreach, and other professional inquiries with thoughtfully designed and ready-to-go PDF’s that are sure to impress. Your Wisdomist Guide handles all the technical work, pre-vets your clients, schedules your advisory calls through Wisdomist’s secure and private platfrom, and handles the billing, so you can concentrate on the reward of advising. 

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Digital Reputation Review & Monitoring

Articles written about you, tagged photos in social media, blog posts and social networking interactions that mention your name will all shape how you are perceived by others online, offline, now and in the future. We will ensure you have your best foot forward by researching, organizing, and documenting this information. We then use SWOT methodology to create a customized proactive plan to enhance your professional online reputation, keeping it up to date by monitoring and revising it quarterly. 

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Join our exclusive community of Wisdomist Expert Advisors. We are an invitation only group of carefully curated business professionals who we call advisors. We have decades of executive experience and are eager to share our wisdom with the next generation. Does this sound like you? If so, we would for you to join us.